[Growth Hack 19] Create an Awesome Lead Magnet in 60 minutes

Hey there,

Remember the last time a lead magnet was so irresistible that you literally jumped in joy when it hit your inbox? 

Yes? Great!

No? That’s great too!

In the next 5 minutes you’ll learn

How to create an irresistible lead magnet in just 30 minutes 🤯

Creating an awesome lead magnet is critical but it’s SO frickin’ hard. 

Definitely, a lot of work. 

Making the lead magnet interesting as well as adding value for your audience is definitely not easy peasy lemon squeezy (more like stressed depressed lemon zest 😂).

However one genius in particular made a yummy lemon tea cake out of this zest 🤩.

Pat Flynn, from SmartPassiveIncome.com, figured out a way to create an awesome lead magnet super fast, within 60 minutes. 

Awesome, right? 🤩

Handing you the cheat sheet to his killer lead magnet method NOW!

  • He copied a series of his existing content centered around a particular topic (He gathered a bunch of blogs).
  • He then turned them into an ebook, which only took less than 30 minutes.
  • Then he made it available to buy for people on kdp.amazon.com, that too in 20-30 minutes.
  • Woah! The ebook is ready to go! 

Do this to apply the same for yourself:

  • Checkout your existing content and gather a bunch of content around the same topic (Whether Social Content, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos or Slides).
  • Turn it into an ebook and make it available for people to buy it using kdp.amazon.com for free!

A super simple bonus hack to make your lead magnet standout and be more legitimate:

Get quick sales and reviews: Reviews will turn your ebook into a legitimate product boosted by some solid social proof.

Think for a minute.

What would your audience rather want to get for free in exchange for their email?

  • A link to a blog or a copy of a bestselling ebook priced at Rs.500

The content is still the same, just the way it’s presented has changed and tada! 🥳

Now it’s much more appealing and irresistible for someone to sign up for.

Talk about being extra smart with content and Pat’s name will come up, right? 😉

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