[Growth Hack 18] Viral your Sign up process (It’s Dead Simple!)

Hey there,

So the other day I was signing up for this newsletter and darn did the company make it hard on me! 

This got me thinking…

We always try to growth hack our way and go viral on social media using trends or running giveaways or contests. 

But what about the simple opportunity that lies right in front of us? 

Ever thought of creating a viral sign up process? 

Think about it, if you have a user on your sign up form/page, you have a great opportunity to not only convert that visitor into a user but a referrer. 

Here’s what you need to do if you want to create a viral sign up process:

  • Instead of just asking for basic information like Name and Email address, you can experiment with your signup forms and ask the new users to share the sign up form with a couple of friends. 
  • The goal here should be to make it dead simple for the new users to share the sign up form with someone (just through a single click). 
  • You can do that easily by adding social media integrations and asking for less.

There you go, you now have more than one signup from a single user. 

Using this viral sign up process can definitely help in building a user base for your company way faster than you expected!

Give me one brand that made you say an immediate “YES” when they asked you to sign up. Also give me your own thoughts on the hacks, I want to ensure that you’re LOVING the content. 

I absolutely love reading replies from our community so I’ll (eagerly) wait for your reply.

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