Checklist to get referred to any company

” Sir, can you please look at my resume and refer me to a suitable role in your company? ”

Messages like this often don't get a response. Here is what you should do instead 🙂

You need to understand, people don't have time. Make it as easy as you can for them to refer you.

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1. Check the companies job portal and look for the role you think you are a fit.
2. Have your resume ready ( as a PDF )
3. Make sure you are at least close to 70-80% of what the JD says.
4. Make sure you don't apply directly.
5. Send a message with a quick intro, why you are fit for the role ( person referring you has to fill this usually ), link to the role and attach your resume.
6. Explicitly mention you haven't applied directly hoping the person could refer you.

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❌Sending your resume and asking them to refer to any suitable role.
❌Asking the person to pass your resume to the HR
❌Sending long and lengthy messages
❌Trying to be smart, eg: I know you will get a referral bonus, just go ahead and refer.

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