How I got 8M views in 6 months on LinkedIn

8M views ???? | 350K profile views ????| 74K followers ????

These are the numbers I have achieved on LinkedIn in less than 6 months without spending a dime on Ads.

Before you start calling me a FAKE, here is the screenshot from Shield of my data of the last 6 months i.e. Jan 15th 2019 – June 15th 2019

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Btw, for people who aren't aware of what Shield ( ) is, its an awesome and only tool which gives you deep dive of your LinkedIn Analytics.

If you are someone selling courses, or trying to generate leads, or just trying to build a personal brand, LinkedIn is the platform which can get you awesome results with a few efforts and ZERO Ad spend.

So, How did I do it?

1. Understanding your Target audience :

You need to understand who your potential buyers are and it is comparatively much much easier on LinkedIn to find people once you know whom you are selling too.

Eg: Let's say you selling an online course on how to generate leads. You can easily identify entrepreneurs on LinkedIn just by job title, size of the company.

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You can have much more advanced searches if you have Sales Navigator.

2. Clean up your profile :

If you are someone who has a dummy profile on LinkedIn, most of your connections you might have are your college friends or ex-colleagues who are completely irrelevant.

Remove them all. LinkedIn allows to have up to 30k connections (the equivalent of friends on FB which is capped at 5k ) so, by cleaning up the profile, you will make room for more relevant connections and hence your engagement rates on your content goes up too.

Eg: I am a marketer and create content around marketing, so software developers on my network might find my content irrelevant, so it is wise to remove them and make space for more marketers. As you can see below, my network has over 3K software developers, connections who would find my content irrelevant.

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3. Optimise your profile :

What's the whole point of having a LinkedIn profile if people are not able to find you on LinkedIn search?

Eg: You are digital marketer, so when someone looks for the digital marketer on LinkedIn search, they should be able to find you ( You know inbound leads are GOLD )

By optimising your profile by using the right keywords on your title and description you will start ranking for your keywords. ( Follow on-page SEO tactics )

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I generate over 6K profile views every month just by ranking on LI search which took me 20 mins to do. 🙂

4. Connect with your TG :

Now, as I had mentioned before, you can have up to 30K relevant connections handpicked. Unlike FB, finding your people on LinkedIn who fit into your TG is super easy.

So, start adding 100-200 connections every day to your network. Start with 50 and gradually increase to 200 per day over a period of time.

Screenshot from Sheild App showing gradual increase of connections on my LinkedIn profile
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In the above picture, you can see that I have over 8K pending requests since I prefer to have complete control over who those 30K connections are.

Note: You could use automation to do this too but I don't suggest you do this if you don't know what you are doing. YOU WILL GET BANNED.

5. Go Viral with Content :

If you have followed all the above steps, you have a good base of the audience who are carving for good content.

Show off your expertise by sharing relevant content. People would engage for sure by linking, commenting and sharing.

A recent post which I posted a week back went viral on LinkedIn which lead to 6K new followers on my profile.

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In the above screenshot from the Shield app, you can check some of my top engaged posts on LinkedIn with total reach, likes and comments.

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What this would result in is a strong personal brand and as a result SALES.

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The above post is a directional post which will put you in the right direction. It took me about 2 years of hard work to figure out things to achieve these awesome results.

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