[Growth Hack 9] Increase Open Rates by 5x by doing this! 😁 (Case Study)

Hey there ,

On average emails have an open rate of 12-15% and it's very likely you are getting the same open rates too. 

If you’re achieving those then your open rates are normal and satisfactory. 

But you don’t want to be the average-Joe who shrugs and says “Can’t do better”, right?  

If you’re here, your expectations are tear-through-the-list-and-make-millions kinda high and I get that. 

After all, we are Growth Hackers! Our goal is to optimize each part of the funnel to the fullest. 

If you want to 5x your open rates then let’s talk about the company that managed to do that. 

3 points to you if you guessed that I’ll be talking about AppVault and how they were able to increase open rates by 5x! 

What is App Vault though?

AppVault is a Recruitment Marketing B2B Platform. You must have heard of the platform at some point if you’re into the Recruitment Marketing industry. 

Here’s ALL the tea: 

  • You've probably heard that using First Name in email subject lines boosts your open rates by creating that element of personalization. AppVault went a step further with their secret sauce. 
  • Credits to that secret sauce their open rates went through the roof. Not even kidding when I sat they increased by 5 times from 13% to 66%!

So what exactly was cooking up in that hack? 

  • AppVault thought that First Name is overused in subject lines and people don't consider such emails personal any more. 
  • So they decided to find another piece of personal information, something their customers interact with every day and feel pain about.
  • In their case, they used the name of an applicant tracking system.
  • This is pretty niche information and that's the key. They actually went looking for the exact problems their customers were facing on an individual level. 

Use this in your business (Yep, it’s possible)

In your case, you can use any unique name of something niche that your customers use now and feel constant pain about. Once you establish that personal touch, it's a done deal!

Will this info revolutionize your email marketing? Or do you have something better instead? 

Don't be shy in writing your honest reply. 

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