[Growth Hack 8] Get Top Celebrities to talk about your brand 😲

Hey there ,

Have you ever thought of a celebrity talking about your brand or company in dreams?

Maybe one day it might happen! 

But today I have something super special for you!

This growth hack will blow your mind.

You literally pay celebrities 5-10 grands and they will happily give a personalized shoutout for your business/brand.

Vaibhav, how is that even possible?

Yes it's possible and the name of the website is unlu (dot) io 

Unlu allows you to easily get shoutouts for your brand or product with a one-time upfront cost from top celebrities in India. 

The process is very simple. Let's say you want Nargis Fakhri to talk about your brand.

You sign up on the platform, choose the celebrity you want to speak about your brand. Select whether it's for you or your brand and add the details as to what you want them to say and pay the amount!

Typically the response time is 6-9 days. And BOOM!

Celebrity Shoutout ready for you in a weeks time.

Now, If you are not an Indian Brand or you want international celebrities to talk about your brand and product then I have got another tool for you! 

Cameo (dot) com will help you get you shoutout from international celebrities instantly. The cameo database is massive with over 668 categories of celebs to pick from.     

How cool is that?!


  1. https://sisinty (dot) com/cameo
  2. https://sisinty (dot) com/unlu
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