[Growth Hack 6] Increase Conversions by 112% 😏

Hey there ,

What if I told you that I am going to give you the one growth hack that will increase your conversions by a whopping 112%?



Does it work?

Ask Insightsquared after reading this email 😉.

One of the most important goals for us as growth hackers is to increase conversions as much as possible and today’s growth hack will help you do that instantly!

The folks at InsightSquared were evaluating how to increase conversions of their website and realised they had really long forms. Most people didn’t fill the forms because they got intimidated by the number of fields they had to fill up. 

So, they decided to do an experiment and InsightSquared were able to increase their conversions by 112%.

What did they do?

They decided to shorten the form

They removed the optional fields like “Phone Number” from the form and expected to see increased conversions.

F.Y.I: The visitors had to fill the long form, if they wanted to download any piece of content.

How did they execute this?

  1. First, they looked into the percentage of people who provided a phone number while filling up the form. It was only 15%.
  2. So, they decided to run an experiment with an ebook landing page for 30 days to see if they get any positive results. 
  3. As it turned out, they got an insane jump of 112% in conversions with the new form! 

Eventually they began to implement this new form for all of their opt-in offers. Cool right?



Crazy, right? 

Have you ever spotted such small changes in your favorite sites? Why do you think companies make such changes? 

Send me your theories and ideas. You know I always love hearing from the community 🤗

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