[Growth Hack 4] Increase Brand Recall by 3x 😍

Hey there,

I came across this beautiful quote a while ago and thought I should share: 

When there’s no enemy within, 

The enemy outside can do you no harm

That’s such a powerful but still relatively simple thing to say, right?

Yet it has been stuck in my memory for more than a few months now. 

Throughout centuries we have strived to carve our messages, be it on a paper, a canvas or cave walls. As you build your brand you are not only showcasing your product but also the message that’s attached to it. 

Have you ever read something and felt a connection so powerful that you could clearly remember the writer’s message whenever something reminded you of it? Perhaps that reminder was their name or whenever you came across them? 

Do you want to want to be remembered the same way too? 

Well, today’s hack will help you exactly do that.  

There was a study conducted sometime ago and some interesting research on what makes people remember things better was discovered.  

Among those discoveries was the“Serial Position Effect”.

Here’s your brief on the Serial Position Effect:

  • More than 50% of people remember what they read/hear at the end of the content compared to the stuff they hear in the beginning.
  • People remember your message 3x when they hear it at the end compared to what they hear in the middle.
  • If you want your message to be received by the reader in the best way, then make it a point to include it at the top as well as at the end.

Usually most content that you see on the internet is in a list format. Now, close your eyes and think of a few list based content pieces you have seen. Which points do you still remember? 

Do you remember the ones which were in the middle? Or which were at the top or at the bottom?

It’s highly likely it’s the latter. 

Now do you get why Marketing Gurus stress so much on the CTA? It’s because that’s the part of content people will remember the most.   

Memorable brands are the ones that make it in the real world after all. 

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