[Growth Hack 21] Keep bringing people back by sending behavior based emails

A huge part of growth hacking is based not on clever tricks or making pigeons flow out of your hat. It’s rather nurturing and caring for your community, making people feel heard and acknowledged. This care extends to the emails you send. 

Building an email list is one thing; keeping a healthy, active email list is another. 

You can reach out to your customers in 100 different ways and keep them in the loop. But most companies get this wrong, because they choose sending generic emails to all the subscribers. 

You can rise a step above that by creating content and sending notifications based on behaviour. 

Behaviour-based emails will help you in doing exactly that.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a teenage mutant tech ninja to apply this hack. It’s a pretty simple growth hack which will help you retain more revenue and customers

Here’s how you do it:

  • Set up a software like Intercom or Autosend. 
  • These tools will help you track how the users use your application and give you the power to send out custom messages based on their behaviour)

Here are some sample case scenarios to give you more clarity on the topic:

  • If a user has not logged in for a month, then you can send an automated email, asking if they need any help with the software. 
  • If a user is using the software frequently then you can ask them to opt for the premium option and do more things. 
  • If a user is doing a lot of manual steps and the same can be done on your tool’s premium version, then you can send an email explaining how taking the premium option will get them things done faster. 

Imagine the growth possibilities, if ALL of this is automated. 

That gives a sweet image of the future doesn’t it?

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