[Growth Hack 2] Increase email replies from prospects by 180% 😎

Hey there,

Waiting for replies to your emails is so exciting right?

There’s nothing quite like the dread and anxiety that comes with sending an email and waiting to see if it has been read or not. SO FUN!

I know half of the people in my email list have probably excited this email saying “This Sisinty dude has gone crazy” 😂

Don’t worry, that was some poorly executed sarcasm. I hate the monotonous job of waiting for someone to read your email as much as any other slightly nutsy growth hacker.

How many emails do you send/receive on a daily basis? 

I know it’s a huge number and It’s a pain to track every single email you send.

But what if you can know every time someone reads your emails?

Luckily you can and there are a lot of tools you can use to know whenever someone reads your emails.

Here’s the tool I personally use on a regular basis: mailtrack (dot) io  

The best part? 

It’s completely free to check if someone has received an email.

Now, here’s where you use the power of this tool. Whenever the tool sends you a notification saying a prospect has opened your email, send them a reply as soon as possible!

What will happen if I do this?

Your email will hit your prospect’s inbox at the perfect time when he/she is actively using the app and your chances of getting replies just sky-rockets! 🚀

Hope this helped!


mailtrack (dot) io 

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