[Growth Hack 14] Find Phone Numbers of almost anyone on LinkedIn!🤩

Hey there!

Finding email addresses of people is not a big deal. There are just so many tools already in the market who can help you do that. But, ever thought of getting someone’s phone number?


Vaibhav, is that even possible? 

Well, that’s very much possible and I use this growth hack all the time.

And today I am going to share it with you!

The tool I use is called lusha (dot) com and it helps you in finding accurate phone numbers of your prospects just by a click of a button.

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Here’s the 4-Step Process:

  • Sign up at Lusha.com   
  • Add the Lusha extension to your chrome or the browser you use.
  • Visit LinkedIn profiles of people you want phone numbers from!
  • Click on the Lusha chrome extension and voila, accurate phone numbers are served on a platter for you😉 

Pro-Tip: You will also be able to access the emails ids of the people along with the phone numbers as well! 

Imagine the possibilities of having the power of not only getting emails but also phone numbers of your prospective clients. It’s huge to say the least!

Hope this helps!


sisinty (dot) com/GH14

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