[Growth Hack 13] A Simple Hack to reduce email unsubscribes by 50% 🤨

I was on an Email-cleaning hiatus recently. Unsubscribed from SO many newsletters that I hadn’t read in the last six months. 

It was the metaphorical equivalent of cleaning out an overly stuffed closet (picture me holding a broom while dust is floating around me and all kinds of stuff is falling on me lol 😂)

It got me thinking about the psychology behind us subscribing and unsubscribing from an email list. 

One of the biggest responsibilities you have as an email marketer is to reduce unsubscribes and spam reports as much as possible. 

To do that I found a simple yet effective solution for you guys! 

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Before getting into the hack, you need to know the reason why people unsubscribe or report an email as spam. 

Readers often unsubscribe from all of a sender's emails when they're really only trying to avoid a specific type of email. 

Now what if the readers could set their preferences and get only those specific emails they are interested in? 

So, even if they didn’t like one email, they can keep consuming the emails they like. 

What you can also do is, give the readers an option of choosing the frequency at which they want to receive emails from you. You can either ask them in the sign up process or ask them to set up their preferences in a welcome email. 

Giving readers the option to manage their subscriptions can bring down the unsubscribes drastically. It will not only increase the satisfaction of the readers but also help you in segmenting your audience into different groups.

This way, when you ensure that your readers read only what they’re truly interested in reading. 

How is that for a subscriber boost right?!

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