[Growth Hack 12] Use the Wiki-Strategy to grow your blog from 0-100k visitors 🤑

Hey there!

It’s about time we discuss the one company that NAILS the content game, the one site that pops up on the first page for literally ANY topic. 

Yep, I’m talking about our beloved assignment-helper and info-goldmine aka Wiki. 

Those guys have been at the top of their game for years. Content is top-notch, the SEO game is always on point, you get exactly what you search for. 

So why not get ALL of that attention for your blog as well? 

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Let’s take the first steps to growing your blog from 0 to 100k visitors monthly visitors: 

  • Make the Content quality best of the best: If your content isn’t designed to knock the ball out of the park then what’s the purpose behind it? The basic premise behind writing your blog should be to provide a bombshell of value to your readers otherwise you’re just screaming in a soundproof room and hoping someone will hear you.
  • Loops, lots and lots of Loops: No, I’m not asking you to confuse your readers here. Instead you direct them, show them the right way by linking other relevant content to the. You can use external links initially and then go back and update them to your own articles. In this way your content circulates well in your space. 
  • Become an SEO minded not an SEO enslaved writer: Don’t you hate it when you click on a link to read about something and instead it’s just a never ending dose of “<keyword> this, <keyword> that”? SEO is important but it shouldn’t degrade the quality of your articles. 
  • Use the power of Guest Articles and Guest Posts: You cannot be an expert at everything. Your audience would love hearing from a fresh voice from time to time. So use new voices, invite guest articles from other writers. Make sure you’re holding up a two-way street here. They write for your site, they receive a link to their site or any other such incentive. What you’re essentially doing is building long term relations. 
  • It’s all about sources and research: Make sure you link your sources and that they’re credible sources. Facts, for example, can’t be taken from individual blogs because they aren’t the most reliable source of information. Create a 365-degree approach to your research process. 
  • Plan and Organize your content: Create a content calendar. You don’t need to use high end planners, just a google sheet with what you’re planning to post that week/month, how and when you’re planning to post it is enough. Keep your guest submissions in mind while planning your content. 
  • Set your content marketing goals and track them: Set goals for your number of visitors and conversion rates. Check in weekly/monthly and compare your expectations to the actual numbers. 
  • Promote, Promote, Promote: Don’t be the annoying spammer that everybody blocks when it comes to promotion. You can add value and then promote on social platforms like facebook and LinkedIn, use email newsletters, repost on reddit, Quora, the world is your oyster here if you make sure that you’re promoting the right content on the right platform. 

Write quality content, plan it wisely, take a structured approach to content creation and you’ll build your blog quickly without compromising the quality of it. 

So that’s all the VS magic sauce for today.


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